FEELING LOST: Conscious Aging is Our New Frontier

I just had a phone conversation with a 61-year-young woman who is feeling lost.  She heard about me online and reached out, seeking coaching.  In her note to me, she explained that she is divorced, alone, has grown children and some grandchildren, once had a great career and now unemployed, asking me “am I in the right place?” (looking for me)  In our brief conversation she began by saying “I feel so lost…how did I get here?”  My heart opened and I felt this immediate recognition: it was if I was looking at myself more than a decade ago when I became a widow, was living alone for the first time in my six decades, and was facing myself for the first time from a whole new place.  It was uncharted territory.  I had never been there before.  The woman who reached out to me was feeling the pain of being in that new, uncharted place: not sure who she was anymore.  She made an appointment to see me, and we have begun our journey together, as she begins to appreciate who she is now, and to begin to create a vision for how she wants her life to be as she steps into it each moment of each day.  It is exciting.  What do you think?

With love and blessings,


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What if we are here to live WILDLY, PASSIONATELY and FEARLESSLY?


What if?  What if you and I were born and are here in our lives so that we LOVE wildly, passionately, and fearlessly?  

What if the whole point of being alive is to fall madly in love with life, with ourselves and with one another with wild abandon and fearless passion?  What if everything in our DNA and emotional wiring is designed to lead us to be creative loving beings from the moment we are born to the moment we take our last breath?

Everything I have learned thus far in my long and delicious life has led me to the understanding that YOU and I are born to do just that: to love wildly, passionately and fearlessly.  To love what we do because it is an outgrowth of who we are; to love ourselves unconditionally so that when we love others, we do not look to them to complete or validate us, but rather to share the ups and down of life, to hold and cherish one another from a place of loving connection, not need.

It’s a thought worth considering…

To your joy with love,



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Who doesn’t want ECSTASY? Would you like to look forward to feeling joy and ecstasy WITHOUT a drug? To access your own power to feel joyous, high energy and ecstatic sense of being alive, join me for a course, a conversation, or a coaching program either on a TeleClass or in my office.

Go to the “PROGRAMS” tab on this website and take a look. Begin 2016 with opening all your capacities for living life fully.

To your Ageless & Sexy Life

Sheila Pearl

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Come celebrate with us! It’s an exciting time — “Ageless & Sexy: The Magic of Sensuality is out on Amazon and we have become a #1 Bestseller! Join the celebrations if you can. Join the conversations…

AS15StackImage3d This coming Saturday night in Woodstock at the River Rock Health Spa the celebrations continue with book-signing party #2… Click on the “EVENTS” tab here for details

With love and joy,

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What is ECSTACY for YOU?

We all want to feel alive. Vital. Passionate. There are drugs people take which help — there’s even a drug which was common (maybe it still is) called “Ecstacy”… But what if you could feel that wonderful experience of being fully alive and engaged with yourself and your vitality, without taking any drug? Without any outside help? What if you could access that vitality from within your own storehouse of energy and consciousness?

Contact me and let’s talk about what you need and which of my programs would work best for you.

To your Ageless & Sexy Life,

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Living Passionately – Maria Blon’s Vision Manifested

Who are you and why do you matter? That’s Maria’s questions for each of us. How do you live your life and why do you want to get up in the morning?

We had a fabulous “Fall in Love with Yourself” book launch party as we officially launched the publication of “Living Passionately: 21 People Who Found Their Purpose and How You Can Too” Coordinated by author and speaker Maria Blon.

The 21 stories in this collection are each a gem of inspiration and guidance for how you can live your live with purpose and passion. AND…the story of how this book became a reality is also magical.

Follow us and order your book today from Amazon.com or go to our website and order your audio book on CD (mp3), your ebook, or your print edition of our wonderful book.


To your Joyful life,

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Our Naked Truth


Your naked truth and mine is that we are imperfect. Whatever “perfection” is…it is either whatever is right now, or it is something we make up in order to (unconsciously) get in the way of our excellence, since we all know that “perfection” is unattainable. The good news is that each of us is imperfect. Works in progress. Each following our own path, walking our own journey, finding our own way. It’s the process of life. Being perfectly imperfect, and loving ourselves for everything we are — and for everything we are not.

In a blog post my friend Stacey Hawkins made today, she talked about her “Naked Truth” – confessing to falling short of a whole list of “shoulds” and “should nots” in the ups and downs of life. So often, we grow up believing that in order to be worthy of love, in order to feel good about ourselves, we have to be more, do more, have more. The fact is that each of us is enough and each of us is worthy of love. Always. Period.

Imagine what would be possible for you if you actually could believe — really believe — that you are enough. That you don’t have to prove yourself, defend yourself, justify yourself to anyone, including yourself. How liberating would that be?

Be sure to visit my friend Stacey’s blog and website. She’s glorious and has wonderful enhancements to offer you for your cooking delights.


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What Are YOU Putting Off?

In honor of procrastination | Michelle Vandepas | TEDxColoradoSprings

Is PROCRASTINATION a bad thing? Are you beating up on yourself trying to FIX your BAD HABIT of “procrastinating?” Here’s a new spin and perspective about this phenomenon: Leonardo DaVinci was a big-time procrastinator.

TO-DO List procrastination is a common kind of “putting off” habit.

GOALS and Resolutions begin with high momentum, then we fizzle out.

DREAMS and Longings are the “someday” thoughts and imaginatings.

What’s calling to your soul? How do you prioritize your list, your energy, your time?

To your Ageless Joyful Life,

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That In-Between Place is where the Magic Resides!

The magic of our lives resides in between the excitement of yesterday and the promise of tomorrow. It’s somewhere in between… As Debussy says: “music is the space between the notes” — perhaps life is in between the details.

What do you think?

To your Ageless & Joyful life,

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What keeps you up at night?

There are miles to go before I sleep. In this poignant poem, Drew Dellinger recites his call to action: his great great grandchildren and asking him “what did you do…when the world was unravelling?” There is no time for becoming couch potatoes or lethargic in the face of thinking there isn’t anything to do. There is much to do and much to inspire in our children and grandchildren while we can.

What keeps you up at night?

To your Joyful and Vital Life,

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